3-2-1 Backup Strategy

For data important to you, Computer Solutions recommends the 3-2-1 backup strategy.

3-2-1 is an enduring strategy first coined by photographer Peter Krogh in his 2005 book on digital asset management. The intent is to keep your data safe regardless of catastrophe hitting your primary storage & secondary sources [think theft, fire, ransomware, power surges]. The 3-2-1 Strategy is something Computer Solutions can help you set up, and it is also something you can DIY!

Title - 3-2-1 Back Up Strategy

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Text: 3) yu create three copies of your dtat - the origional on your compuer & at least two copies.

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Text: 2) You use two different types of storage devices - CD, USB, Cloud, etc

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Text: 1) You keep one of the backups off-site in the cloud, a PO box, etc.


Text: Secret 4th step? You enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe!
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3-2-1 Rules

  • You create three copies of your data — the original data on your primary device and at least two copies. The original copy is considered the “live” version, which means it is editable. The other two are stored copies, and may have to be updated as you update the live version.
  • You use two different storage devices — here, it’s up to you to choose the two storage media carriers — your PC, external hard drive, a USB flash drive, DVD, NAS or cloud storage devices (like Carbonite, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.).
  • You keep one of the backup copies off-site — by keeping copies of your data in a remote location, you prevent data loss due to a local disaster or a site-specific failure scenario.1 Many people choose to use cloud based backups for their ease & remote location.

If you need help with one or all of these steps, Computer Solutions is here to help. We offer on site, remote, and in office services to meet your needs.

To review an article from the U.S. Chamber of Congress website regarding the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy, please click THIS link.

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Carbonite – Your Cloud Backup Solution

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