Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Don’t be a victim to an emergency, with RMM through Computer Solutions your IT issues are addressed before they become a problem!

The traditional model of computer support is called the Break/Fix model. Break/Fix is reactive and addresses the immediate problem in an emergency situation. Relying on this method can cost you in the long run.

There is another option! Utilizing our Remote Monitoring and Management system, also known as RMM, frees up your time and ensures secure, updated, and efficient machines. 

To better explain RMM, let us quickly compare both methods.

What is Break/Fix?

Break/Fix is a per-incident service that covers unexpected issues on demand.

Hard drive failed? Break/Fix would include installation of new parts, which may have to be shipped in, and trying to recover the lost data, which may not always be successful. This can be devastating if that important data is not backed up securely.

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We offer this repair model for all our available services, but support ends after the incident is resolved. You as the client are billed on an hourly basis, and are responsible for upkeep after the device is returned.

This model is popular amongst residential and small business clients, although Computer Solutions does offer RMM for this size interest too. Complimentary estimates are offered at Customer Solutions for the break/ fix method. If you need this service, click HERE.

What is Remote Monitoring and Management?

Remote Monitoring and Management is a proactive, hands off way of protecting your computer and the information that it holds.

To return to our Hard Drive example, an RMM client would be informed that their hard drive was failing before it was an emergency, could enlist our expert’s help to back up all data securely, and set up a convenient day to replace or upgrade the harddrive before a major and imminent failure & restore that important data…all at a discounted labor rate. 

RMM allows CS to discreetly and securely monitor the health of all your computers, administer regular maintenance, protect from online threats, alert you before disaster strikes, and ensure that your data stays safe; we do all this remotely from our office! We become your go to IT resource for all devices under the RMM plan.

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What is included in Computer Solutions RMM service?

– Cyber threat protection.

– Scheduled maintenance.

– Priority response.

– Remote support (onsite support can be included)

– System health monitoring

– Office wide backup monitoring.

– Asset Inventory

– Vendor management

We are not just an icon on your computer. We strive to know your business, your team, your vision, and are invested in your success!

This is a proven measure of saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Our RMM (remote monitoring and management) customers enjoy lower downtime, less upfront repair costs, scalability, priority response and predictable pricing. To learn more about our pricing, click HERE.

RMM clients receive on demand service for basic maintenance related to computer functionality; examples include resolving issues with printer connectivity, virus remediation, and backup support for the computer on the RMM plan. RMM support is designed to address concerns with basic maintenance pertaining to operation.

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& Monitoring. Focus on what you do BEST,
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Computer Solutions handles the responsibility of maintenance for your data and systems, so you can get back to business.

RMM monthly subscriber clients also benefit from a reduced rate for all labor services  at $90/hour; this includes Remote, Onsite, and In Office services related to the computers on the plan. This is the best option for business owners who like to be hands off their computers, but still have confidence and peace of mind knowing they are compliant, efficient, and secure.

RMM does not include support related to software issues, email problems, repairs, or other devices not on the RMM plan. We are happy to offer support for this type of issue, but it is not covered under the RMM plan.

Text: Computer Solutions RMM plans include 
- peace of mind
- priority response
- vendor managament
-office wide backup monitoring - 
- system wellness monitoring 
- proactive protection
- remote support
-reduce repair costs 
- cyber threat protection
- predictable pricing
 - scalability
- reduced downtime
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If you need an all inclusive service plan for multiple computers, or if you need support with multiple apps, or simply enjoy having a computer technician on call for general computer questions, consider our PPBOT (Prepaid Block of Time) service, click HERE to learn more about PPBOT.

How can we save you money?

Every company is different, and so too should your management plans be. Computer Solutions offers a RMM plan that is custom tailored to each of our customer’s needs and their future vision. If your company would like a consultation, kindly reach out to 860.239.0708 for a complimentary quote.

Text: Rmm takes care of your computers so you don't have to!

-proactive protection
-predictable priccing
-priority response

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The RMM plan is meant to be a simplified organizing of all your computers and the network that connects them. This preventative service saves you money by keeping your devices up-to-date & secure. RMM eliminates down time necessary to address catastrophic issues and eliminates new technicians having to learn your systems in an emergency. 

We strive to be your trusted partner in business, and to grow together as your business flourishes. Let us know if you have any questions. We thank you for the opportunity to serve your IT needs.

Text: Be confident your computers are secure, upto date, & virus free. With remote Maintenance & monitoring by CS

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Text: Managed Services. What is it? A Flat Fee agreement that provides unlimited IT support with Proactove monitoring.  How is it done? Computer Health Monitoring cyber security scheduled upkeep. Major advantages. Fixed predictable prices, priority response, included anti-virus data backup monitoring. Costs? Chaged per device per month. each company gets a personalized quote.

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