Apple Support

When it comes to servicing your iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacMini the apple store is not your only option!

Computer Solutions aims to be your go-to resource for all things Macintosh. We can help you with a virus (yes Macs get infected too), bad internet connection, liquid spills, hard-drive failure, and printer set up (which can be shared with other computers on a network).

Would you like to learn more about using all the features on your iPad? We can help with that too! We offer tutoring for groups and individuals, regardless of your technical experience. Learn more about tutoring HERE!

From adding RAM to your iMac to replacing that cracked screen on your MacBook Pro, we make IT easy!

Image- green background with apples in foreground. Text- For servicing your
 iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacMini
-SSD upgrades
-Liquid damage repair
-Screen & keyboard replacement

Call 860.239.0708 to get your computer repair started!

In addition, Computer Solutions can also service your iPhone! We can setup your iPhone to receive your email, securely handle password resets, data recovery, and more. If your power cord does not fit snugly in the power port or if your battery light does not always turn on when plugged in, let us give you a free consultation and estimate before you consider spending money on a new device!

Our Apple product support includes:

image- two MAC pc. Text- Do you use apple products? Great news Computer Solutions supports all apple computers

MacBook Pro Screen replacement

MacBook Air Screen replacement

MacBook Air fan replacement

iMac SSD upgrade

MacBook Pro SSD upgrade

MacBook Air battery replacement

No power issues

Data backup for Apple products

iMac fan replacement

MacBook Air SSD upgrade

Mac Pro SSD upgrade

Mac Pro video card upgrade

Mac Pro fan replacement 

Mac mini SSD upgrade

Networking for Apple products

Networking with Microsoft Windows products

Filesharing for Apple products

MacBook Pro keyboard replacement

MacBook Pro Fan replacement

MacBook Air keyboard replacement

MacBook Pro battery replacement

Setup of iPad to work with your email, calendar and contacts

Setup of iPhone to work with your email, calendar and contacts

Printing from ALL of your apple devices

We perform all our repairs in a speedy, cost efficient manner. We always make sure you don’t loose any files or applications during migrations and upgrades, and treat your data in a confidential manner.

image - short list of some issues we can fix, blue and white

text - video we can replace your cracked screen , fan noisey fan? overheating macbook , battery replace swollen battery , storage increase and set up back up, wifi restore network connectivity file sharing, audio repair audio issues
image - blue background titles Macbook air service, with a Macbook Air opened to show internal parts, which are labeled. text -"video, wifi adapter, storage, battery, fan,  and audio"

Apple iMac Service & Upgrades

Do you have an older iMac? Is your iMac getting slow, but you are not ready to get a new computer? Computer Solutions has the answer!

We can optimize your 2010-2020 iMac to improve performance in two ways.

Text- iMac Support, speed up your iMAC, boost productivity & performance.

Option 1 – The Tune-up

 Our Tune-up Service includes:
– Virus checks & remediation
– Disabling of startup bloatware
– Hard Drive & file health check
– Check/update OS updates & security patches.

Generally you will see improvement for 4-6 months, however this is a temporary solution. The duration of performance improvement largely depends on the amount of activity and usage of the computer, but will decline in time. 

This is a great choice for those who need their iMac to perform better and last a little longer before replacement or upgrading. 

The tune-up cost is 1.5hrs labor (flat fee) for in office service with a turn around of 1-3 days.

For an in home Tune-up please give us a call for a more accurate estimate.

Option 2 – The Upgrade

Our Hardware Upgrade Service will improve performance, and includes the Tune-up mentioned in option 1 as well. 

The most common upgrade for this era of iMac is the Hard Drive upgrade. If your computer is eligible for a Hard Drive upgrade (from an HDD to a 500GB SSD), your in office cost is $480+tax with a turn around of 1-3 days. Your files will be migrated to your new drive, as will your settings & programs.

This is a great choice for those who want better long term performance out of their iMac, and wish to extend its life rather than purchase a new computer.

Your iMac may also be eligible for RAM upgrades, or a larger size SSD, so please give us a call for your personalized estimate.

Interested? Contact us HERE on our website, or give us a call at 860.239.0708.

image -iMac opened to show internal components upgrade, one image shows with original HDD, next image shows with new SSD. Below is the IMac put back together and installing the newest OS
Internal upgrades can save you from having to buy an expensive new machine! Above, you can see where we upgraded an old, mechanical HDD into a new, faster, and more reliable SSD!
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Text - Computer Solutions we make IT easy!