Data backup is arguably the most overlooked task among today’s computer users. Unfortunately only when disaster strikes do most users realize that they need to have a spare copy of all their files on a separate medium such as a cd, cloud based backup, mirror drive or a flash drive.

Do not wait until it’s too late, Computer Solutions will analyze your computing needs, and will devise the most cost efficient way to ensure that your work will never be lost due to a power surge, computer malfunction or operator error.

Please contact Computer Solutions here to get a free estimate on having a regularly scheduled backup up and running.

Data Backup

Did your computer suffer a malfunction? Got infected with ransomeware? Lost access to your files? Is your laptop not booting? Does your desktop refuse to turn on? It is not too late! Apart from computer repair services, your files can most likely be recovered.

Call us ASAP to get a no obligation estimate on file recovery. Even in severe cases of computer failure most people’s files can be retrieved. Our staff is experienced in both data backup and recovery on Windows and Apple based computers.

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Carbonite has multiple solutions tailored for individual computers, servers, small and medium sized business.

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As always, you can hire Computer Solutions to setup and monitor your backup for your business or personal computer.