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Networking Support

Computer Solutions is proud to offer a wide variety of networking services: wired, wireless, or a combination of both!

Computer Solutions offers Networking Support for both Residential and Business clients. While the basics of networking remain the same, your needs are different and our services reflect this. Our goal? To make IT easy for you, whoever you are!

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What Equipment is Needed?

Computer Solutions will work with you to determine the best option for your needs. We procure all new equipment when needed, or can implement and improve existing equipment to minimize costs and boost productivity for home or office.
Call Computer Solutions today for a complimentary consultation and upfront quote at 860.239.0708.

Business Networking

Don’t spend time fiddling with wires or on the phone with ISP “customer service”. Computer Solutions makes IT easy, and that includes your business’s networking needs. We will diagnose your network issues, present resolutions for your concerns, and get you back online ASAP. Give Computer Solutions a call for speedy, efficient, and professional Business Networking Services! 

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Is your internet slow or intermittent? We can work with your internet service provider (ISP) in order to pinpoint the culprit and educate you on your options to remedy the situation.

Computer Solutions can take inventory of your networking equipment and improve the reliability and range of your network. Should any obsolete equipment cause a bottleneck in your network we can pinpoint the point of failure then recommend, procure, and configure a replacement.

Do you utilize multi-function printers? Let us connect them to your network in a manner which will gracefully overcome common issues such as a power loss or network outage.

Do you need to collaborate with your team on spreadsheets, word documents or PDF files? Let us set up a reliable, secure, and HIPPA compliant permission based network to accommodate your needs.

Other Services we offer include:

– Selecting and establishing a new server
– Maintaining your existing hardware
– Installing & maintaining a firewall
– Creating a VPN server for telecommuters
– Adjusting network speeds & strength
– Adding additional work stations
– Guest Network set up
– Tutoring for employees on how to use shared resources
– Training your workforce on security best practices
– & More

Data Cabinets – Equipment Protection & Organization

Your networking equipment is crucial to your company’s everyday operation, is it PROTECTED ?!? We can place your modem, router, firewall, switches, and patch panel in a mounted locked metal box with proper ventilation.

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Images - before image of a messy networking hub for a business, After image of a tidy networking box,, with ventilation and security locks

This ensures that physical access to networking equipment is delegated only to those that are authorized. Cabinets also have the added benefit of hiding unsightly wires and power adapters. We also include uninterrupted power supplies and battery so your equipment is protected from power surges and service interruptions.

To learn more about how Data Cabinets can benefit your business click HERE.

If you are looking for Cable Management & Wiring Organization Support click HERE.

Fast and reliable is how we do business. Please call 860.239.0708 if you have any questions or would like to get a free estimate.

Residential Networking

While a home office may have similar needs to our business clients, Residential Networking has its own challenges and Computer Solutions is here to help. Computer Solutions started as a residential support company. We are proud to share that we are still working with clients from fifteen years ago!

Some common issues and requests from our residential clients include:
– Poor Service or NO service in certain areas of the home
– Extending Service to outlying buldings like pool houses, in-law appartments, patios, etc.
– Network slowdowns when hosting guests
– Parental Controls
– Home office Netwroking set up
– Smart Device set up and support
– Wireless printer connectivity
– & more

Is Networking Safe?

Yes it is when done properly. We use the latest industry standards to secure your commercial and residential networks in order to make sure that you have a safe, productive and reliable network to work with.

Employee monitoring is also offered, to learn more click HERE.

If you are interested in Parental Controls on your network, click HERE.


Wireless networking is a common headache inducing subject for many of our clients.

Is your network slow? Does your WiFi not reach specific parts of your office or residence? Did you switch service providers and need help reconnecting your printer to the network? Computer Solutions can help.

Did you know? If you have a high speed internet service such as Cox, Comcast, DSL, AT&T, or Frontier, you can have multiple computers browsing the web at the same time without paying your internet service provider any more than you are paying now!

Computer Solutions can help set up your WiFi network to support a variety of users, including setting up Guest WiFi and Dedicated Child Safe Networks. Call us at 860.239.0708 and ask us how!

If you are looking for more information regarding WiFi Specific Services, please click HERE.

WiFi Security

Is your internet modem password the same as when it was installed? Do you know if your home or office network is optimized and secure?

If you look at your wifi settings and do not see features like password protection, a guest network, or secure network like WPA3 then your network is vulnerable to infiltration. Multiple network speeds can also provide a convenient way to optimize your online experience.

Does this sound Greek to you? Have no fear, Computer Solutions is here to secure your home and/or business network and give you back your peace of mind.

Our goals are to make IT easy for you and to help you stay safe online. Have questions?

Give our office a call at 860.239.0708 today!