Computer Solutions is proud to offer a wide variety of networking services: wired, wireless and combination of both are common practice. If you have a high speed internet service such as: Cox, Comcast, DSL, AT&T or Frontier, you can have multiple computers browsing the web at the same time without paying your internet service provider any more than you are paying now! Fast and reliable is how we do business. Please call 860. 670.1862 if you have any questions or would like to get a free estimate.

Networking support

Wireless networking is a common headache – inducing subject to many our clients. Is your network slow? Does your WiFi not reach specific parts of your office or residence? Did you switch services and need help reconnecting your printer to the network?

Computer Solutions can take inventory of your networking equipment and improve reliability and range of your network. Should any obsolete equipment cause a bottleneck in your network we can identify that and recommend, sell and configure the replacement.

Do you utilize multi function printers? Let us connect them to your network in a manner which will gracefully overcome common issue such as a power loss or network outage.

Do you need to collaborate with your team on spread sheets, word documents or PDF files? Let us setup a reliable, secure, and HIPPA compliant permission based network to accommodate your needs.

Is your internet slow or intermittent? We can work with your internet service provider (ISP) in order to pin point the culprit and educate you on your options to remedy the situation.

Equipment protection / organization

Your networking equipment is crucial to your company’s everyday operation, is it PROTECTED ?!? We can place your modem, router, firewall, switches, patch panel in a mounted locked metal box with proper ventilation. This ensures that physical access to networking equipment is delegated only to those that are authorized. Cabinets also have the added benefit of hiding unsightly wires and power adapters. We also include uninterrupted power supplies and battery so your equipment is protected from power surges and service interruptions. Please see the image below for an example.

Networking Equipment protection

Messy network?

Does your network hardware look like a mess?
Below find a photo of where we have moved the modem, router, access point, and backup drive to a secure, lockable, ventilated, surge protected cabinet.

That sounds great, but what does it do for me?

We can configure all of your computers to share the same printer and/or scanner. Both your wired and wireless devices, PC and MAC can access your printer, share files and even remotely control each other!

Is networking safe?

Yes it is when done properly. We use latest industry standards to secure your commercial and residential networks in order to make sure that you have a safe, productive and reliable network to work with.
Parental control and employee monitoring are offered also.

What equipment is needed?

Computer Solutions will provide all needed equipment or implement existing equipment to minimize costs and boost productivity.
Please call Computer Solutions today for a free consultation at 860.239.0708.