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WiFi Solutions

Wifi may seem like magic, but there are some practical problems office workers and homeowners may experience.

The most common WiFi issue is unreliable quality of service in your home or office, resulting in poor and even dropped service in some rooms! This is followed closely by a congested network, causing traffic and slowdowns that can ruin the mood. You want to relax at home, not stress about internet issues…Computer Solutions can help!!

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Curious how we can improve the quality of your most used utility? 

We have 18 years experience servicing homes & office buildings of ALL sizes.

We will get your internet working how you need it!

Please read on to find out how.

Wireless Access Points

If you struggle with WiFi issues in your home or office, your building’s infrastructure may be the cause! 

Homes or offices with brick walls, built in the 60’s or later, and buildings with large square footage are examples of properties which may benefit from Wireless Access Points.

Unlike WiFi extenders, Wireless Access Points do not simply boost an existing wifi signal but act as a hub which creates its own network that your devices can connect directly to!

Why does this matter? Instead of stretching your wifi signal to reach the far end of your home or office (reducing quality and strength), APs create a strong linked network for you to access!

When you are ready to resolve your WiFi issues, give Computer Solutions a call at 860.239.0708. Let us know the building’s square footage, if it is multi story or ranch style, and the issues you are having. We will create an upfront estimate for improving your WiFi, with no obligation! 

Ap’s & Peripheral Buildings

Do you want wifi connectivity outside on the porch or at the pool house perhaps? Does your inlaw apartment need access to your WiFi network?

Access points are an easy and effective way to bring the magic of the internet to these peripheral buildings! Give us a call for your tailored no-obligation estimate.

WiFi 6

As more of our devices are going digital, our networks are becoming more strained. Sometimes this can be solved with a simple update, but some connectivity issues need new technology to resolve them; Introducing WiFi 6!

Wifi 6 is the newest range of wifi, specifically created to support many devices on the same network which is a game changer for businesses and individuals.

Released in 2019, Wifi 6 does all the same things we expect, but has additional bonuses like faster speeds, improved security, and more reliable media multitasking.

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Give us a call at 860.239.0708 today for your complimentary WiFi 6 consultation and no obligation estimate!

Child Safe WiFi

If you could filter what your children can access online…would you?  As children are using digital devices more frequently, and at younger ages, the question of internet safety becomes a big one. Conveniently, Computer Solutions offers a service to do just that!

We can add a Dedicated Child Safe Wifi Network to your existing WiFi set up! Creating this network as an addition to your WiFi set up means you still have access to your regular WiFi, while the kids have their own limited access network. Cool! This affords you the ability to limit their access to approved sites only, block suspicious sites, and update those limitations as needed.

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This is a service Computer Solutions can implement as a stand alone service, or as an add on while we address other concerns like WiFi dead zones or AP installation. Have questions about adding a Dedicated Child Safe Wifi Network to your home or office network? Contact us HERE today.

WiFi Security

Is your internet modem password the same as when it was installed? Do you know if your home or office network is optimized and secure?

If you look at your wifi settings and do not see features like password protection, a guest network, or secure network like WPA3 then your network is vulnerable to infiltration. Multiple network speeds can also provide a convenient way to optimize your online experience.

Does this sound Greek to you? Have no fear, Computer Solutions is here to secure your home and/or business network and give you back your peace of mind.

Our goals are to make IT easy for you and to help you stay safe online. Have questions? Give our office a call at 860.239.0708 for a free consultation today! Read on to learn more about Guest Networks.

Guest Networks

Having a Guest WiFi network available to your clients or guests protects you, your network, and your important data. Guest WiFi allows access to an internet connection ONLY, while your devices & data stay secured on your current network! 

By giving clients access to a guest network, you cut off their access to everything but an internet connection. Most importantly, clients or guests can’t accidentally introduce malware, compromise your devices, or access/alter your data!

Computer Solutions is happy to set up a Guest Network for your home or office!

Modem Rentals & Other Options

Are you renting your modem? If you have WIFI, you have a modem. Internet providers capitalize on this need by renting you the hardware for this very important utility. At 14$ a month for the standard model, these rentals cost you more than $500 over three years!  Never mind the 25$ a month for a “premium” modem.

Computer Solutions offers a different option.

Tect: How much does a modem rental really cost you? Call Computer Solutions today to see what you can save. 860.239.0708

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By purchasing your own modem, you have control over the type of device in your home and you save money. Call us for a consultation and tell us about your location and unique needs. We can not only find the perfect router for you, eliminating the need for a rental,  we can also securely set up your network and connect all your devices!

Call 860.239.0708 today to find out how we can help you resolve your WiFi woes!

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