Computer & Digital Device Sales

When the time comes to upgrade your laptops, software, or desktops… we have you covered. Computer Solutions carry the latest hardware and software to support your computing needs. All sales are competitively priced and warranted. We can also replace all broken parts in your pc and mac laptops and desktops!

Do you need a new laptop or desktop? We can find and customize just the right thing for your needs. Interested in what is on sale or looking for that specific brand? We have that covered too!

Computer Solutions Sales Services

– File server sales

– Domain server sales

– Computer desktop sales

– Computer laptop sales

– Computer monitor sales

– Backup appliances sales

– Networking appliances sales (switches, routers, access points, backup drives, firewalls)

– Docking stations

– Mounting hardware

– Network Printers and Multifunction devices

– High speed scanners

Should you need new or used equipment, please call us at 860.239-0708 for a no obligation estimate.

Need your equipment setup? Need your data moved over to a new computer? Need tutoring on that latest software? Contact us for a free estimate and prompt resolution!

PC problems today?

Is your personal computer making strange noises? Someone drop your laptop? Please follow the links below to see how Computer Solutions makes IT easy with common repairs.

Hard Drive IssuesKeyboard & Touchpad IssuesCooling Issues
Screen IssuesPower IssuesData Recovery