Service contracts (also known as labor contracts) is one of our newer offerings. Simply, you get a discount for prepaying for labor. It is an affordable proactive on-site support. It is a way to get your staff computer support on demand. This service started with small business customers who find themselves in need of regular computer support on a monthly, weekly or sometimes daily basis.

Regular computer support or service can include:

  • – Operating System updates
  • – Server patching and updating.
  • – Cleaned, optimized computers are faster, making for a more productive work day.
  • – Security updates and scans.
  • – Data Backup monitoring and updating.
  • – General cleanup of workstation computers (remove temp files, offending software etc’).
  • – Disaster Recovery checkup and corrective action.
  • – Clean out / Archive email.
  • – Resolution of general (back burner) nagging computer issues.

Affordable Service

The terms to service contracts are as follows: Select a plan based on the number of hours of service you project you will needed per month. Enjoy your discount and the peace of mind that comes with it. Naturally, the more hours you prepay the steeper the discount. Schedule regularly or as needed. The hours do not expire. Upfront estimates of time and potential costs are provided ahead of time.


Current Hourly
of hours
Final Cost
(6.35% Sales Tax)
$ 90.00 8 10% $ 689.15
10 13% $ 832.72
12 16% $ 964.81
20 20% $1,531.44

Office migrations for example, can easily benefit from prepaying on a block of time: control your costs and have the ease of mind by having Computer Solutions handle all the logistical issues involved in dismanteling, transporting and setting up computer equipment for your business.

In Conclusion

Preventative maintenance saves money and valuable time. Address non-urgent computer questions, issues and needs and get them resolved during scheduled visits. Attain peace of mind while saving money! By letting us service your technology, you can focus on your business. If you run out of monthly hours, normal labor rates will apply. Change your Plan as your needs change. Enjoy the savings by making an upfront financial commitment. It is a win-win!

As the old adage goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine”.