Remote Maintenance

Remote connections allow Computer Solutions to administer computer services without having to dispatch a technician onsite. Whether you need virus removal, printer restoration, or help with your email… we have the solution for YOU!

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Remote Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance service is aimed at offices and individuals who actively work on their computers but may not have the time or interest in technology to perform these essential tasks.

Our scheduled preventative maintenance plans include the following:

– Internal Computer Cleanup

– Virus Check

– Operating System Check

– Hard Drive Health Check

– Removal of Junk Software

– Utter respect for privacy and work considerations

“Why would I need such a service?

“Why would I need such a service?” you might wonder. Like any piece of sophisticated technology, computers need ongoing maintenance to keep it performing at their best. Many catastrophic failures have precursors that if caught and resolved early will amount to tremendous savings of equipment, time, work and money.

Keep your computer fresh, clean, and fast with a preventative maintenance plan. We respect your privacy and time. Upon agreement, a service contract will be signed by both parties to protect everyone’s interest.

To lower costs this service is administered remotely. In the event that an issue is discovered which cannot be fixed remotely, it will promptly be resolved on location.

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