Custom Computer Builds and Repair

Computer Solutions provides custom computer builds designed just for you! Starting with the case and all the way to cosmetic improvements like interior lights, a custom build is the best way to get the exact system you need. Work with our fantastic techs to outline the specifications of your dream device, and once your new parts arrive have confidence they are being installed by the best!

Image- dark backround showing interior of custom build. text- Custom PC, build, troubleshoot, support.
We also offer tutoring, if you want to learn how to build a pc yourself. Learn more about training and tutoring HERE.

Services we offer include:

  • -Verification that your parts are compatible.
  • -Ensure the device has an exceptional power supply.
  • -Source high performance components that will last for years!
  • -Build the actual system & efficiently organize the wiring.
  • -Install the operating system and device drivers.
  • -Stress test your system
  • -Provide a benchmark report.
  • -Prepare for you a free, upfront quote of the entire project!

Call us today at 860-239-0708 for a free consultation and a quote for your dream machine! #techsupport #cscares

level one upgrades - cable mods

Includes: motherboard 24pin cable, video card pcie cables, dust filters, variety of colors & materials. Computer clean up and cable management
Level two Upgrade - liquid cooling installation
a black and red custom built pc
A tidy example of our custom builds. This client opted for a blackout style, with red accents, very cool! All components chosen according to your style and specifications.

Ready for a Quote?

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Aesthetic Upgrade Quotes
1.  Take a picture of the device, side view, and send it to us! Text 860.239.0708 or email
2.  Please tell us what kind of aestetic upgrades you are interested in, including color
 schemes or themes
3. Provide the internal specs to your device, or ask us to discover them remotely. Also, is your PC having any issues? We can take a look during servicing

Whether you have questions and would like to schedule a consultation or if you are ready for a project estimate, we can always be reached at 860.239.0708, or email us at

PC problems today?

Is your personal computer making strange noises? Someone drop your laptop? Please follow the links below to see how Computer Solutions makes IT easy with common repairs.

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Screen IssuesPower IssuesData Recovery

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