Business Computer Support

Reliability is only possible when all the individual parts are in working shape. This is especially true of computers. To be dependable your servers, laptops and desktops need to be monitored, updated, scanned for threats and backed up. Computer Solutions will manage your computers so your business can depend on your technology.

Computer Solutions provides preventative service to your computers that will keep them running in great shape, notify of possible issues and make sure your work is never lost.

Using managed computer services (otherwise known as SLA a service level agreement). An organization will benefit in the following ways:

  1. – FAST response.
  2. – Peace of mind in knowing your computers are protected.
  3. – Knowledgeable technicians that know your needs.
  4. – 24 / 7 availability
  5. – Voice / Text support delivery
taking care of your computers. #cscares #wemakeiteasy

Emergency response

Should you find yourself in a midst of a computer meltdown after regular business hours fear not: Computer Solutions will come to your rescue with data recovery, equipment repair or even provide local hands support to your electronic medical records or practice director vendor.

Are you having an emergency right NOW?! Call 860.670.1862 to take the first step towards resolution.

Computer Solutions powers small business IT support. We provide computer support (both Windows and Mac), data backup, disaster recovery, web development, virus protection, spam blocking, content filtering, and email hosting services.

Networking Services

We can assist you with selecting and establishing a new server, maintain your existing hardware, install a firewall, create a VPN server for telecommuters, speed up your network, add additional work stations and train your work force.

In addition, we can extend your wireless network. Computer Solutions will collaborate with your team effortlessly and without stress.

taking care of your networking and physical security of networking appliances

Medical Offices, Walk In Clinics, Urgent Care Centers Tech Support

Do you administer a medical office? We have extensive experience supporting EMR, EHR and PD ( Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records and Practice Director).

Computer Solutions technicians will help your recover from a computer or server failure, setup regular backup of your valuable data, speed up your network performance and reduce down time. As the old adage states: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine.

We also can install set you up for efficient high volume scanning.

  • -We will install your new scanner, which will perform high speed and double sided scanning.
  • -Setup file scanning folders and shortcuts.
  • -Setup secure network sharing.
  • -Install and activate the included PDF Editor – Kofax PDF.
  • -Demonstrate how to operate and answer any questions

Please call us 860.239.0708 to discuss your business’ information technology needs, get references, discuss pricing or schedule a no obligation interview.