Server Support

Image - technician providing critical maintenance to a business server rack

text - Big or small networks, we can give your server the TLC it needs.
Big or small networks, we can give your server the TLC it needs.

The term “server” has taken on many meanings: the most common denominator being a network accessible asset, that serves a group of workstations in providing a source of information or services. The information may be in the form of spreadsheets, documents, or email access. The services may include restricted, role specific access to proprietary files as well as printer management, internet traffic routing, and security firewalls.

Computer Solutions will study your organization’s individual needs to maximize the return on investment into your equipment. Should you find yourself needing replacements or additions, we will investigate, acquire, and install hardware as well.

Something so important to your business should be handled by trained experts who know your vision and have your best interest in mind. Below is a list of server related services we can provide for your organization:

Hardware Support

– Preventative maintenance

– Performance optimization

– Hardware repair and upgrades

– Secure Server Storage

– Install power surge protection

– Select and install network wide, industry grade security

– Ensure proper failure protection

Software support

– Migration to new hardware

– Work with Practice Director

– Support electronic health record software

– Support Shop Management software

– Virus Protection

– File sharing

– Managed Services

Secure server storage

Keep your server locked, ventilated, and protected from surges with an organized and secure case. Useful for controlling physical access to your valuable work and equipment, this preventative housing reduces accidents and decreases clutter. Would you like to learn more about data cabinets? Click HERE!

Interested in updating your servers physical security? Contact us HERE to introduce yourself and your business needs. We look forward to serving you!

Image- split image of uncontained server and wires above as before image, bottom as after image with devices secure in a server case, showcasing key and lock.