Equipment Protection & Organization with Data Cabinets

Your networking equipment is crucial to your company’s everyday operation, is it PROTECTED ?!? We can place your modem, router, firewall, switches, and patch panel in a mounted locked metal box with proper ventilation.

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Images - before image of a messy networking hub for a business, After image of a tidy networking box,, with ventilation and security locks

This ensures that physical access to networking equipment is delegated only to those that are authorized. Cabinets also have the added benefit of hiding unsightly wires and power adapters. We also include uninterrupted power supplies and battery so your equipment is protected from power surges and service interruptions. Please see the image below for an example.

Below find an example of our work. We have moved the modem, router, access point, and backup drive to a secure, lockable, ventilated, surge protected cabinet.

Image- before, during, and after images of  networking wires being reorganized and placed in a protective, lockable, black case.

“That sounds great, but what does it do for me?”

Keeping your equipment organized is not only aesthetically pleasing! Proper cable management also reduces the risk of accidents (like unauthorized access, data loss, electrical problems) and helps technicians to quickly service your network, which keeps labor costs down. 

Reduce your risk of IT related accidents with a secure Data Cabinet from Computer Solutions.

What equipment is needed?

Computer Solutions will work with you to determine the best option for your needs. We procure all new equipment when needed, or implement and improve existing equipment to minimize costs and boost productivity.
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