High Speed Scanners

Computer Solutions will supply and install efficient, high speed duplex scanners for offices that require large volume scanning. For businesses dealing with large amounts of forms, records, and documents a multi media scanner can increase office productivity and save you time and money.

Examples of these businesses are medical, legal, and accounting offices.

Image- a variety of businesses like medical, legal, and accounting offices that may benefit from high speed scanners.

Scanning is essential for organized record keeping!

Our scanning services include:

  • -A complimentary upfront quote.
  • -Installation of your new scanner- which will perform high speed and double sided scanning.
  • -The setup of file scanning folders and shortcuts.
  • -The setup of secure network sharing.
  • -Installation and activation of the included PDF Editor – Kofax PDF.
  • -Demonstration of how to operate and answering of any/all questions.

Contact us for a free consultation to find out how to upgrade your scanning!  #techsupport #cscares #wemakeiteasy

Text - Duplex high speed scanning,  improve efficiency, secure network sharing, organized record keeping

Image - black scanner with mixed media  in each slot
Text - Engulfed by paperwork? We have your scanning solution! Fast, double sided scanning, scan mixed media with ease

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Text - Wondering how to increase office efficiency?

Consider a high speed duplex scanner from Computer Solutions!

Image - stacks of paper that need to be scanned, a black brother multimedia scanner
text -Computer solutions makes IT easy! 

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