Imagine being able to conveniently, and securely, log in to your work desktop from your home computer or laptop.

Computer Solutions’ remote desktop service will let you control the screen, mouse, and keyboard of the host computer, while using a device in another location. This allows the user access to all data on the host computer with ease and security. No need for hardware storage that can be lost or stolen!

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image- work and home computers, with arrows in a circle, showing that you can use your work computer from home while using remote services.

We will enable you, or your office, to work remotely from anywhere in the world with internet. RDS connects you to your home or office computer while you are on the go, with the convenience of using your mobile devices. The connection is safe, easy to use, and HIPPA compliant.

Computer Solutions offers complimentary consultations, as well as an upfront quote on what it would cost to get your organization to work remotely.

We are experienced in deploying RDS for any size company, and individual users are welcome too! Windows and Apple computers are both supported, so don’t delay and call 860.239.0708 today!