P & M Services

Computer Solutions now offers Employee Productivity & Monitoring Services, which supports you and your workforce!

This service will quantify computer usage and productivity, track utilization of company resources and time, as well as map efficiency of time used for hybrid & remote teams.

Below you will find some highlighted features from our P & M Services that we know your business will benefit from!

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Employee Monitoring, What is it and why do I need it?

Our Productivity & Monitoring Service helps you understand how your team works, fosters healthy work habits, empowers your employees, and fuels successful, productive work days!

Analytic graphics spotlight patterns, while the coaching feature offers helpful tips to guide growth and reduce loss of focus or burn out. P & M Services blanks to keep your work force focused, efficient, and successful.

P & M Service licenses are assigned on a per-user, per-computer, per-domain basis, and managed by a designated company contact who is supported by Computer Solutions. We work with your designated company contact to ensure you get the most from this service and all its moving parts.

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P&M Features

Screenshot Capture – P & M offers customizable settings to capture employee screenshots, which are easily reviewable in real time.

Screenshots are generated by custom alarms and can be targeted at specific types of activities. The alarm criteria are evaluated every time there is a change in the active window title bar, so you can see when a new task begins.

Capture alarms are based on the active window, so each time the user accesses a new site or application a screen capture is created, and the counter restarts.

Coaching guidance – P & M Service offers coaching suggestions for management teams based on real metrics. Deploy customized training to improve focus, efficiency, and productivity!

Website Blocking – Eliminate the temptation of social media and other distractions with custom website blocking! P & M Services supports customizable website blocking per device.

This feature works on the computer level, so any machine you have assigned blocking to will block that site for all users of that machine.

Customisable – Do you need some websites accessible on certain computers but blocked on others? Have an employee of concern who needs a more controlled working environment than others? Not to fear!

P & M  Services is a customisable platform, ready to work how YOU need it to! Put together a list of your concerns and goals for our review when you call 860.239.0708 for your free consultation!


P & M Services generate a variety of reports to help you utilize the data gathered every day. For example, the Weekly Digest is a weekly email that provides a high-level recap of team activity and productivity over the previous week. It’s a great way to get a quick read on key metrics and identify areas that may need closer attention! Your dashboard also showcases top applications or websites used, a security audit log, comparative team productivity, and more!

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What Computer Solutions Will Do

We will work with your business’ designated company contact to set up your new software, offer live training, and get you up and running!

While your company will have an Admin to utilize the full range of our software’s features, Computer Solutions is here to offer post installation support too. We are happy to offer refreshers for those existing clients who want to utilize all of P & M services’ functions.

How to prepare for an estimate

Interested in our Productivity & Monitoring Services for your remote or hybrid workforce? To prepare for an estimate request, simply follow our 123 steps to get your free, upfront estimate today!

First, calculate how many users and devices you would like to use this service.

Second, decide your roll out date, and whether you would like remote or in person installation. 

Third, call us today at 860.239.0708 with the above info for a free consultation and upfront estimate, or send us an email to schedule your consultation!

Please include your contact information in your email and we will be in touch with an estimate ASAP!

We service a variety of industries, including medical, law, and engineering offices as well as farmers, barbers, and more!  Give us a call at 860239.0708 for a free estimate, or to schedule a free consultation!

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