Accounting Support

Tax season can be stressful! Make sure you are prepared in advance by having your computer in “top shape” using the five steps below!

Have any questions or concerns about your accounting solution? We can help! Call today: 860.239.0708

We work with account firms (as well as individual CPAs) by providing the following services:

  • -Computer Backup – local and cloud based.
  • -Rapid disaster recovery.
  • -Cyber security.
  • -Remote support.
  • -Offsite access.
  • -Networking / sharing / collaboration.
  • -After hours support.
  • -Optimization of hardware.
  • -Operating system support (Both Windows and Apple).

We also can install set you up for efficient high volume scanning.

  • -We will install your new scanner, which will perform high speed and double sided scanning.
  • -Setup file scanning folders and shortcuts.
  • -Setup secure network sharing.
  • -Install and activate the included PDF Editor – Kodak PDF.
  • -Demonstrate how to operate and answer any questions.