Accounting Support

Accounting Firms and CPAs have specific needs when it comes to technology requirements. All accounting software must be up to date and easy to access, files and records must be secure, networks must be reliable, and you must have confidence in your systems as well as the people who support them. Trouble with Quickbooks? Slow scanner taking up time? Concerned about data security?

Computer Solutions makes IT easy! Any questions or concerns about your systems?? Call today: 860.239.0708

Image- a mana nd woman high fiveing and smiling at a work desk. text- accounting de-stressed. we support accounting firms and individual CPS. tax season can be stressful! make sure you are prepared in advanced by having your pc in top shape.

Accounting Support Services:

Tax season can be stressful, but Computer Solutions makes IT easy! We will update and test your systems to make sure they are running optimally. You can also call us in any emergency, including software and hardware issues.

-Computer Backup

– Local and cloud based.

-Rapid disaster recovery.

-Cyber security.

-Remote support.

-Networking / sharing / collaboration.

-After hours support.

-Optimization of hardware.

-Operating system support (Both Windows and Apple).

-Offsite access.

textt -Computer Solutions technologically suppors both Accounting firms & individual CPAs
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Be prepared for tax season by having your computer in “top shape”. Try using the five steps below!

Accounting destressed - 1. update Operating System 2- protect from cyber threats 3-back up files automatically 4- network properly 5- plan ahead

Scanner Services

Computer Solutions also offers acquisition, set up, and support of new, efficient, high volume, duplex scanning. This service includes:

-Installation of your new scanner, which will perform high speed and double sided scanning.

-Setup of file scanning folders and shortcuts.

-Setup secure network sharing.

-Install and activate the included PDF Editor – Kodak PDF.

-Demonstrate how to operate and answer any questions.

Text- Engulfed by paperwork? we have your scanning solution. Fast double sided scanning, mixed media with ease  Image- blond woman waving white flag, with a pile of papers about to fall on her.

To find out more about our scanning services, click HERE.

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