Office Migrations

When the time comes to move into a new business office, planning is key.

Computer Solutions works with your internet service provider, VOIP vendor, electrician, contractor, and property manager in order to facilitate a smooth, surprise free move to a new location or installation of new equipment.

We will move your desktops, laptops, servers, and networking equipment in a discrete and expeditious manner.

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Business office migration services include:

– Equipment transportation

– Network connectivity testing and setup

– Equipment setup

– Installation of new equipment

– Coordination with your internet service provider

– Coordination with your VOIP service provider

– Networking equipment migration

– Post migration support

Take the stress out of moving the office, call 860.239.0708 and make your office migration easy!

Cable Management & Office Equipment Support –

Is your network closet a mess?  Wires going wild in rooms you’re seeing clients in? Networking equipment unprotected & unsecured? Computer Solutions has the answer!

Cable management is not only the organization of wires but a service intended to transform your office, reception area, or data closet from a tangled mess into a tidy and impressive professional environment!

Data Cabinets

With sleek, secure, and stylish data cabinets to protect your  networking equipment, office migration services, new office set up & more, Computer Solutions keeps your data hardware out of the hands of bad actors. We can place your modem, router, firewall, switches, and patch panel in a mounted locked metal box with proper ventilation.

This ensures that physical access to networking equipment is delegated only to those that are authorized. Cabinets also have the added benefit of hiding unsightly wires and power adapters. We also include uninterrupted power supplies and battery so your equipment is protected from power surges and service interruptions. 

Device Procurment

If your current computers, networking equipment, printers, or other office IT equipment are causing issues for your business, why not let Computer Solutions assist you with choosing, purchasing, and setting up replacements?

We are happy to assist businesses of all sizes find solutions which are a perfect fit for their needs! Already have the devices and need help with set up? No problem! Want help choosing the perfect computer for a new hire? We are happy to help.

Give us a call at 860.239.0708 for a complimentary consultation, and remember “We make IT easy!”.

We are happy to select the right devices for your needs after a quick conversation. To learn more, please visit this page of our website – HERE.

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