Dedicated Child Safe Network

As children are using digital devices more frequently, and at younger ages, the question of internet safety becomes a big one. Computer Solutions has an answer, a Dedicated Child Safe Network!

We will set up a separate, child appropriate WiFi network in your home or at your business. This will give you oversight into what children using your internet can access online, the power to block certain types of websites, and all without losing your own regular adult WiFi access. 

Web Filtering

What are your kids looking at online? If you could filter what your children can access online…would you?

Conveniently, Computer Solutions offers a service to do just that! A Dedicated Child Safe Wifi Network added to your existing WiFi set up affords you the ability to limit their access to approved sites only, block suspicious sites, and update as needed.

If you are looking for a simple way to protect your children from adult content online, Computer Solutions has the answer! The Dedicated Child Safe Network is a great solution which can grow and change as your children’s needs grow and change as well.

Creating this network as an addition to your WiFi set up means you still have access to your regular WiFi, while the kids have their own. Cool!

If you are interested in having more oversight when it comes to your child cell phone, click HERE.

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