Family Sharing for Apple & Android

Would you like to be able to better understand your family’s phone usage? Does being able to grant app purchase permissions for your children seem useful? Have you ever wished you could share apps you have paid for with your family, without needing to purchase again? Computer Solutions makes IT easy with our Family Sharing Setup Service!

Text: If an app could give you more insite into what they are doing online, would you use it? Have C.S. set up a shared family account so you can!
Locat sharing, screen time managment, App permissions & sharing, habits review & more! To learn more or set up your appointment call 860.239.0708

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By connecting your family’s cell phones through Apple’s iCloud Family or Google’s Family Link, you gain access to features which help keep your family safer on their phones and in real life. Computer Solutions steps in to get you and your loved ones set up with this powerful tool, taking the stress and uncertainty out of the setup process. C.S. is here to make IT easy with our Setup Services.

These are fantastic tools for parents, grandparents, and guardians of children. The included features can also be helpful for adults! Read on to learn more about Apple’s iCloud Family or Google’s Family Link, or call Computer Solutions at 860.239.0708 to set up your appointment today.

If you are looking for a way to filter your childs internet access at home, please click HERE to learn about Dedicated Child Safe Networks.

Family Link

Text: Family link by google. Understand how your kids spend their time online, manage thier activity remot;ey & more! Call computer Solutions at 860.239.0708 today for your family link set up service!

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Computer Solutions can help you stay connected with your family through Family Link by Google. This is an app available to both Android & Apple users!

Designed as a tool for parents to help keep their family safer online, Family Links easy-to-use tools allow you to understand how your child is spending time on their device, share locations, manage privacy settings, manage purchase approvals and more.

Highlighted features from Google’s Family Link:

  • Content Supervision: Approve or block apps your child wants to download, & choose the right YouTube experience for your child: a supervised experience on YouTube, or YouTube Kids.
  • Account Security: Secure account with control over their account data & settings, password resets, and more 
  • Permissions Management: allows you to view & manage permissions for websites and extensions accessed through chrome as well as apps downloaded on your child’s device.
  • Screen Time: Set downtime & session limits for a healthy balance
  • Location: Tracking, notification, and even view device battery level!

Ready to set up this powerful app?

If you would like to try this yourself, click HERE to view the Family Link webpage.

If you would like Computer Solutions assistance in setting up Family Link, give our friendly office folks a call at 860.239.0708.

iCloud Family

Text: icloud Family - stay informed & in touch by linking your familes iphone icloud accounts! call 860.239.0708 to reconnect with your family

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Family Sharing lets you and up to five other family members share access to amazing Apple services.

You can share purchased apps, help locate each other’s missing devices, limit screen time, and set up permissions requests for app purchases to name a few. Stay informed of your child’s online and real world activities with iCloud Family Sharing.

Highlighted features from the iCloud Family:

  • -Screen time management settings
  • -Analytic data for you to review habits like how long someone is spending on what apps, what times of day or night are they on their phones, etc. 
  • -Location sharing
  • -Application subscription share for paid apps
  • -Application purchase permission settings, including a easy way to approve or deny a purchase

If you would like to try this yourself, click HERE to view Apple’s Family Sharing webpage.

If you would like Computer Solutions assistance in setting up iCloud Family, give our friendly office folks a call at 860.239.0708.

Text: Wish you had more insight & control over your kids digital activities? With our set up service for Apples family share & Androids family link computer solutions makes IT easy!

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Computer Solutions & Apple

Do you have other questions about your Apple products? Computer Solutions aims to be your go-to resource for all things Apple!

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-battery replacments - ssd upgrades - liquid damage repair - screen & keybard replacment & much more! call b60.239.0708 & remeber "We maek IT easy!"

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Our well seasoned technicians can help you with a virus (yes MAC’s get infected too), slowness, liquid spills, hard-drive failure, and more. Would you like to learn more about using all the features on your iPad, iMac, or laptop? We offer tutoring for groups and individuals, regardless of your technical experience. Please click HERE to review our Apple support webpage.

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