Cyber Security Seminar

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Text: Cyber Security Seminar
Speaker: Boris Kovalevsky of Computer Solutions

Computer Solutions is offering a Cyber Security Seminar for our local communities and remote sessions for those outside our areas of service.

Our goal is to educate attendees on how to identify common scams, how to protect yourself online, and what to do if you think your computer has been compromised.

We have seen an alarming increse in scam victims needing our services after the fact, and would like to reach out to our local community to give everyone another, preventative, line of defense against those with malicious intent. 

Text: Cyber Security Seminar

Don't be scared, be prepaerd!

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Topics covered include:

  • Phising & Other Scams
  • Tech Support Scams
  • Password Security
  • Hacked? What to do now
  • Handy Tips & Tricks to Stay Safe Online
  • Preventative Protection & Planning
  • Q&A Session

We estimate this seminar will take 30-45 minutes and will include a presentation focusing on cyber security best practices with Lead Technician and business owner Boris Kovalevsky, a coupon for attendees usable for any future service with Computer Solutions (hardware not included), and dedicated time for questions at the end. 

Computer Solutions is an eighteen year old IT support business handling both residential and commercial intrests, located at 128 Garden St. in Farmington, CT. We pride ourselves on making IT easy for everyone! We have a special program for our Senior citizen community, but this seminar is appropriate for any group who use computers and the internet.

If you are interested in hosting this seminar, please contact us HERE and let us know what dates you have available. We also ask that you provide a space to host this event, seating, and include the seminar on your event calendar to encourage attendance. We are happy to answer any questions regarding this presentation, or other IT concerns you may have.

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Text: Cyber Security for seniors. Complimenary Instructional Presentaion for seniors and retirees in the greater Farmignton CT area. Presented by Boris Kovalevsky of Computer Soluitons.

Our Farmington office has seen an increse in scams targeting seniors and retirees. Computer Solutions is offering a free educational talk focused on internet satey and cyber security for our elder community. 

Please contact our ofice with any questiosn or to schedule your facilities free presentation today!

Looking to Report Fraud, Scams, or an attempted Hack?

The US Senate has a special committee focused on internet crime. Below you will find some reascourses useful for reporting internet crime, and another special link for those in our Elder Community who have been victimized.

US Senate Special Committee on Aging Fraud Hotline –
Internet Crime Complaint Center –

Safe or Scam?

Computer Solutions offers “Safe or Scam” as a free service to all our clients.

If you, or someone you now, has a pop up, email, or webpage you are unsure of, you can text us an image at 860.239.0708 or email us a picture at

One of our technicians will review the image for its validity, and we will let you know if it is Safe or a Scam! This is a free service we offer to help keep our community safe. We look forward to assisting you!

Text - Not sure if that suspicious email is real or a scam?! Go to the source! Call your banks, family, friends, service providers!

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Text : Computer Solutions, we make IT easy

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