E-Mail Spam Clinic

Tired of sifting through mountains of unsolicited emails? Computer Soluiotns has you covered with our Spam Clinic! Our subscription-free service offers a sustainable, long-term solution to declutter your email. Say goodbye to spam overload and reclaim control of your inbox with ease. Join us in creating a cleaner, more efficient email experience today!

Here’s how it works: Our sophisticated spam filtering algorithms leverage cutting-edge technology to identify and divert unwanted emails away from your main inbox. No more wasting time manually sorting through spam folders or dealing with annoying promotional emails. Our system learns from your preferences and adapts over time, ensuring that only the emails you want to see make it to your primary inbox.

But our service isn’t just about filtering out the bad stuff – it’s also about making sure you never miss an important email again. Our advanced algorithms prioritize messages from contacts you care about, ensuring that they always get the attention they deserve.

We don’t stop there! Our commitment to sustainability means that our solution is not only effective but also environmentally friendly. By reducing the clutter in your inbox, we help minimize energy consumption associated with processing and storing unnecessary emails.

Plus, our subscription-free model means you can enjoy the benefits of a clean inbox without any hidden fees or recurring charges. It’s our way of making sure everyone has access to a stress-free email experience.

So why wait? Take back control of your inbox today and experience the freedom of a clutter-free email experience with our service. Call us at 860.239.0708 or Contact us HERE though our webpage.

The Spam Clinic Process

Once you sign up for our service, the first step is a simple one: integration. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing email provider, whether it’s Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other major service. There’s no need to switch providers or create new accounts – we work with what you already have.

Next comes the customization. We understand that everyone’s email needs are different, so we give you the power to tailor our spam filtering settings to your preferences. Whether you want to block certain senders, filter out specific keywords, or fine-tune your spam sensitivity levels, we’ve got you covered.

Then, it’s time to sit back and relax. Our system works quietly in the background, constantly analyzing incoming emails in real-time to separate the wheat from the chaff. You’ll notice a dramatic reduction in spam almost immediately, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.

Contact us today at 860.239.0708 for your complimentary consultation and remember…”We make IT easy”!

Other Email Services

Email Management

According to the Association for Information and Image Management “Email Management systems centrally capture emails created and received by employees. Using a classification scheme to manage this content, retention periods and access controls can be applied to manage emails.

At their most basic, these solutions either copy or remove messages from the messaging application and store them at another location. Without the management of emails, it is difficult for organizations to meet their legal preservation requirements in the event of litigation and government investigations, increasing the effort and cost in responding to eDiscovery and disclosure.1

According to Computer Solutions, Email Management is a necessary task required to sort, archive, and manage email.

Let us make email Management easy for YOU!

  • User management – adding / removing addresses, groups, distribution lists, office 365 and google apps integration.
  • Email filtering – security service to filter out malicious and marketing email that cost labor hours.
  • Client Applications – Outlook, Android, Apple Mail we know how to get your devices working right and help your staff.
  • Disaster recovery – Life happens, we can help recover lost email and plan for the future.

Email Filtering

If your business is missing important emails and documents, manually filtering through spam emails, or having issues with maxed out mailboxes…we have the solution! Computer Solutions offers industry grade email filtering which will reject undesirable and suspicious emails, saving you time and creating another layer of protection against hackers. This service also includes an infinite back up of all your emails, so your data is safe from failure! We service all types of businesses: from farmers to lawyers, and can accommodate considerations like cyber security compliance and HIPAA.

Wondering how effective an email filter really is? Check out the graphic above, showcasing a real graph from one of our client’s email filtering reports! Our email filtering identified about a quarter of this company’s emails across 98 mailboxes as malicious or spam, WOW! Email filtering is a simple feature that protects you, and your staff, from potentially dangerous threats while saving you time and money. No need to manually scan through each message when you have a program to do it for you!

Curious? We make IT easy! Give us a call at 860.239.0708 TODAY, to get email filtering underway