Pricing Options for Computer Solutions – 2023

Computer Solutions supports three ways to engage with us for our IT Services.

We offer Break/Fix, Prepaid Block of Time, and Remote Monitoring & Management options. Below you will find explanations and pricing breakdowns for each.


This is a per-incident service that covers unexpected issues on demand. For example, if you need a resolution for a software issue or a hardware replacement.

 We offer this model for all our available services, but support ends after the incident is resolved. This is a great option for those who need a one time service, and may come back in the future when needed.

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Prepaid Block of Time

If you foresee yourself, or your business, in need of Computer Solutions services regularly and would like to set up a more long term agreement with us, a Prepaid Block of time is for you! 

By prepaying for a block of 8, 10, 12, or 20 hours you receive a discount on our standard labor costs. Once the prepaid block has been selected and paid for, the recipient can use that bank of time for any labor cost.

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The Block Time Never expires, and does roll over annually if there is a balance. Included are remote, on site, and in office services; for all services the bank is reduced in 15 minute increments. This is a great option to give as a gift (now Uncle Bob can call us for his password resets) or to support an individual, a small business, or a family’s IT needs.

The client is still responsible for the costs of any hardware parts but installation, set up, testing, and support can all be deducted from the Block Time bank.  Please follow this link to learn more – 

Remote Management & Monitoring:

Remote Monitoring and Management is a proactive, hands off way of protecting your computer and the information that it holds. RMM allows CS to discreetly and securely monitor the health of all your computers, administer regular maintenance, protect from online threats, alert you before disaster strikes, and ensure that your data stays safe; we do all this remotely from our office! We become your go to IT resource for all devices under the RMM plan.

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What is included in Computer Solutions RMM service?

– Cyber threat protection          – Scheduled maintenance.
– Priority response                    – Remote support (onsite support can be included)
– System health monitoring      – Backup monitoring.
– Asset Inventory                      – Vendor management (can be included)

RMM monthly subscriber clients also benefit from a reduced rate for all labor services  at $90/hour; this includes Remote, Onsite, and In Office services related to the computers on the plan. This is the best option for business owners who like to be hands off their computers, but have confidence and peace of mind knowing they are compliant, efficient, and secure.

However, not all issues fall within the scope of RMM coverage, and for issues not covered or issues on a computer not on the RMM plan, standard Break/fix prices apply.

Please follow this link to learn more –

2023 Rates: 


In Office Services – $120/hr

Remote Service – $100/hr

On Site Services – $150 for the first hour, $120 for subsequent hours


Current Hourly Rate
$ 120.00
Number of HoursDiscount PercentageFinal Cost (+6.35% Sales Tax at purchase)
810%$ 864.00
1013%$ 1044.00

Remote ONLY Plans – By Request 


1 Workstation – $50/mo

1 Server – $90/mo

Discounted Labor Rate for all services – $90/hr (including 1st hour) 

Please note

Tax is applied at the time of billing for all services.

For all services we charge for the first hour upfront, then subsequent hours are broken into 15 minute increments (ie. If after the 1st hour the technician is working for an additional 35 minutes, you will only be charged an additional ½ hour,etc)

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If you have any questions please give our office a call at 860.239.0708 or email us at! We always offer upfront, no obligation quotes and complimentary consultations. Remember, “We make IT easy”!

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