The X-cable

Struggling with lots of charging cords? We devised a better charging cable!

The X-cable is a magnetic charging cable that is compatible with all of your mobile devices. The connectors allow you to use this cable on your Apple and Android phones, tablets and iPads! It can also connect to the Oculus Quest 2, and the Nintendo Switch.

The X-cable

The benefits of this awesome cable are:

The Lightning adapter connects to Apple devices. The Micro USB and USB type C adapters connect to Android devices.  

  • -It can be connected to multiple devices.
  • -It is faster charging.
  • -Is strong and durable-  and protects your charging port as you are not constantly removing and inserting each time you charge your device.
  • -It is single hand operational.
  • -It is magnetic- so if it suddenly becomes disconnected you won’t pull the cord out of the wall or your device.
  • -It is six feet long! Giving you the length you need to charge comfortably!

You can purchase the X-cable in our office at 128 Garden Street, Farmington CT. Or you can purchase it on our Facebook page.