Diagnostic Service

Is your computer having problems but you’re not sure what the issue is exactly? Don’t fret, call C.S. and ask for our Diagnostic Service!

Our Diagnostic Service ensures we know what the cause of your computers problem is and can present to you an accurate estimate for resolution. Computer Solutions is here to make IT easy for you, and we offer expert service for all brands of computers.

We will determine the cause of the issue, review cost efficiency of repair, create a plan of action, and provide an upfront estimate for repair. The best part? If you decide to go forward with the recommended repair, the Diagnostic charge will cover the first hour of labor for your project!

Common Issues Requiring Diagnostics

Diagnostic Process

Bringing your computer in for a Diagnostic Service before a repair allows us to determine the point of failure and devise a solution to quickly and accurately fix your device.

Diagnostic Service is $120.00+tax at intake, which is equivalent to 1 billable hour. We ask that you bring your computer’s charging cable when dropping off!

If your issue is something we can repair during the diagnostic we will do so, but there may be additional labor charges.

If the issue requires more work, like a hardware replacement, we will give you a call with an estimate including parts and labor for your approval.

Your diagnostic fee goes towards the first hour of labor if you decide to go forward with the estimated repair! So if the estimate of repair is for $200, you have already prepaid $120 with the Diagnostic Service fee. Our turn around for diagnostics is 1-3 days, and you will get a call as soon as we have an update for you. Give us a call at 860.239.0708 with your questions, or to schedule your Diagnostic Service today.

Repair or Replace?

Not sure if your damaged computer is worth repairing? If your computer is not a good candidate for repair, we can help you pick out, purchase, and set up the best replacement computer for your needs.

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