Windows Support – Slow performance

Did your computer start working much slower? Are you seeing new pop ups? Is the computer taking longer to do everything from the time it was new? We can help!

Here is what we can do for your Windows OS computer:

  • Virus Removal – Remove any offending software that is trying to steal your identity.
  • System Maintenance – Install missing updates and fix invalid windows files.
  • Performance Optimization – Remove bloatware and disable unneeded services.
  • Hardware upgrades – We can put more power “under the hood” to dramatically improve your computer’s speed.
  • Recovery Plan – We can take inventory of your computer’s assets and create a software and backup recovery plan in case of emergencies.
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We provide service for the following issues, and more!

Hard Drive IssuesKeyboard & Touchpad IssuesCooling Issues
Screen IssuesPower IssuesData Recovery

Do you have a computer VIRUS ?!

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We are virus removal experts. We have seen many variants of attacks; adware, malware, browser hijack objects, ransomware, and sadly many more. If your computer is having incessant popups, playing scary audio alerts, and/or demanding you “call ‘Microsoft’ immediately” we can help!

We can restore your computer to it’s former glory by cleaning out the offending software, performing the necessary maintenance to protect you in the future, setup a secure & reliable backup, and advise you on where things went wrong.

To learn more, check out our webpage HERE about Cyber Security best practices – Outsmarting Hackers and Scammer.

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SCAM! Don't do it!

Image- Example of a malicious pop up, displaying an error message urging the user to call a live technician now. Reputable companies never reach out to their clients in this manner, its always a scam

Are you getting the dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH ?!

Here at Computer Solutions we are experienced in troubleshooting this ominous sounding error. We can:

  • Troubleshoot corrupt Windows files.
  • Replace bad device drivers.
  • Recover from an incomplete system update.
  • Restore data from a failed computer.
  • Upgrade your system to keep up with current computing demands.

Moving to a new computer?

We offer a Data Migration service to move your files, pictures, work and software to a new computer. Data Migration includes:

  • Copy files from old device to the new device.
  • Reinstall your software.
  • Protect your new computer from cyber intrusions.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Reinstall your scanner, printer and other peripherals.
  • Connect your computer to your network with the appropriate level of access.
Text - Keep the heart of your computer with data migration. Migrate all user files to a new device, including docs, potos, licensed software

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Windows 7 End of Life

Is your business or home computer still running Windows 7? This puts your precious private personal data at risk! Follow THIS link to our Windows 7 End of Life webpage to learn more.

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